Conveyor Pulley

  • Technological Standard: DTII(A)
  • Pulley Diameter: 250/315/400/500/630/800/1000/1250mm
  • Pulley Width: 600/750/950/1150/1400/1600mm
  • Pulley Shell Material: Q235A
  • Shaft Material: 45 # steel
  • Pulley Surface Type: Smooth surface,rubber coated,rubber casted
  • conveyor pulley, belt conveyor drum, belt conveyor pulley
  • conveyor pulley, belt conveyor drum, belt conveyor pulley
  • conveyor pulley, belt conveyor drum, belt conveyor pulley
  • conveyor pulley, belt conveyor drum, belt conveyor pulley
Belt conveyor pulley is a mechanical device which can guides the belt running, changes the belt direction and tensions the belt etc. They are dimensioned according to the characteristics of each conveyor and the position they occupy in a belt conveyor, the pulleys must withstand the forces imposed by both belt tension and conveyed load. Because rubber lagging can prevents belt slippage and increases the drive traction of the pulley, pulley with it could meet the requirements of different working conditions.

Advantages and Features
1.Advanced welding capability ensure excellent quality of conveyor pulley.
2.Shell cylinders are rolled from the highest quality flat plate and longitudinally seam welded with a prepared full penetration butt weld.
3.Hub and end disc can be welded together or forged as one-piece depending on different types of pulley.
4.Pulley shells are finish machined and can be rubber lagged according to your requirements.
5.The dimension and tolerance of the pulleys also can be custom-made according to the drawing provided by you.
6.Dynamic balancing grade is very common for our engineered pulleys. No balance weight outside the end disc is available upon request.
7.With different sizes and lagging types available for you.

Selection Conditions
♦Glue is covered or not:__________(Ps. Yes or No)
♦Due to the different standards for rollers in different countries,we will very appreciate if you can provide us the corresponding layout drawing to normally install the roller with the matching equipment.
If can’t,please refer to the following picture and provide the core parameters for a better quote and production:
d______mm;D _____mm;L_____mm;L1_____mm;δ1_____mm;δ2______mm

conveyor pulley

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